Integrative EquineTherapy

"The aim of any therapist is to make a person feel they are  accepted without judgement for the unique individual they are.

I have yet to see anyone achieve  this as quickly or as consistently as a horse."

C.J Rawlinson



What does a session involve?

Like every horse is an individual, so are you- together we will establish your aim, and create a plan for your sessions to reach your goal. 

Mixing with others here can be useful for improving social skills, but until this is something you choose to do, the stables will always be for your sole use for the duration of your session. 

I adhere to the ethical framework of the British association of counselling and psychotherapy, the important part of this for you is, this means that your privacy and confidentiality, your safety and personal well-being are my main priority.

You do not need to have any prior experience with horses to visit Pony Power.

Pony Power is insured for the practice of Equine Therapy.

If you are interested in how equine therapy might work for you or your child, please telephone and I will be happy to answer your questions.


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